For NEW PATIENTS, it is very helpful if you are able to bring these three items with you when you come in:

  1. Your valid government issued photo ID (ie. Drivers License, Identification Card, Passport)
  2. Some dispensaries may require Proof of Residency within CA (lease, utility bill, etc) along with your government issued ID.
  3. Any medical records you have along with any medications that you take or have taken in the past. Medical records can consist of a diagnosis, treatment, tests, reports, a letter from your physician, or anything else that you think is relevant to show and educate the doctor.
  4. The fee for the visit.  You can acquire this information by calling our toll free number (877) 776-7215 and referencing which office location you are interested in visiting.

When you arrive at our easy-to-find office you will be greeted by a friendly medical marijuana professional who will hand you the clinic questionnaire. At any time you may help yourself to water and tea that are made available to everyone. Once you fill out our questionnaire a staff member will take and record your blood pressure, height, and weight to get everything in order for you to see the doctor. 
When the doctor calls you in you will be able to talk with them about why you use cannabis and how it helps your condition and/or symptoms, and any other details that are relevant. The doctor will inform you on whatever they think is the most useful information about your health and/or your use of cannabis.  

After seeing the doctor you will meet with another medical cannabis professional who will assist you with your documents. Your new medical marijuana letter of recommendation (two original embossed copies with seal) will be provided in a Compassionate Health Options folder where you can keep other medical records, notes, and medical marijuana informational materials. Keep one copy with you and the other in your car's glove box or home. For an additional fee, our staff member will also provide you with a brand new medical marijuana ID card. The Marijuana ID Card is trusted and known throughout much of Northern California. There will also be a Yelp Card in the folder, so please post a review about your experience at one of the oldest, most trusted, and compassionate medical marijuana clinics in California.
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If you have any specific questions feel free to call us at 1 (877) PROP215.