Near Me Cannabis Clinics for Doctor’s 215, 420 Recommendation Card—Mt. Shasta, Redding, Shasta County, Susanville.

With our expert experience and established presence in the medical marijuana care field our local clinics have the highest quality reputation among physicians and 420 card holders. Medicinal marijuana is gaining more momentum every week in California as a very efficacious treatment for a number of serious conditions, and for pain management. Your need is important to us. That’s why over the years we’ve established over 15 doctor clinics in northern California to quickly and validly serve patients like you or those you know. Our physicians are very knowledgeable in all the ins and outs of acquiring these licenses, and will explain the process so that it is clear and understandable.  Your MMID card will be provided as promptly as possible. Accessibility is always a question where you live. We strive to make your access as convenient and easy as possible. Redding. Mt. Shasta. Shasta County. Susanville. Lassen County. CA. California. 
Dr. Hanya Barth started her career as a family practice physician in Mendocino, CA. She gained much of her knowledge as a doctor and a specialist in alternative medicine as the community doctor there for over 10 years. After moving to the Bay Area Dr. Barth worked in Methadone clinics in the East Bay until a serious illness prohibited her from continuing to work. After she healed herself, largely through alternative methods and self-determination, she decided to dedicate her career to alternative medicine and opened Compassionate Health Options in 2004.  The organization has grown gradually and organically as a result of the growing demand for Dr. Barth and her services.
Green215 opened on Howard Street in San Francisco in 2004 providing integrative, holistic medical care and counseling as part of the Proposition 215 medical marijuana evaluation process. We now have 18 medical cannabis clinics throughout Northern California due to the support of our qualified patients and the medical cannabis community. 
We strive to educate and advise patients on the theraputic benefits of medial cannaibs as well as a holistic and balanced approach to life. Our goal is to support patients in their decisions about nutrituion, weight, lifestyle cnages, relationship counseling, personal health management, alternative health treatments and general well-being. Our clinics offer a friendly environment where patients can receive the care and information they seek in comfort.
We love what we do!