L.A. councilman to propose ban on medical marijuana dispensaries (LATimes)

By  John Hoeffel on November 23 2011
 With new medical marijuana dispensaries opening in Los Angeles in the wake of judicial decisions that created more legal confusion, Councilman Jose Huizar plans to introduce a motion to ban them until the state Supreme Court steps in to resolve the issue.

Deep-chilling trauma patients to try to save them

By Associated Press 11/14/11
WASHINGTON -- Suspended animation may not be just for sci-fi movies anymore: Trauma surgeons soon will try plunging some critically injured people into a deep chill -- cooling their body temperatures as low as 50 degrees -- in hopes of saving their lives.

Medical marijuana advocates take their battle to the courts (The Sacramento Bee)

By Peter Hecht on November 10, 2011
They are the public face of a litigious battle to redefine federal authority on medical marijuana.

How the Brain’s Own Marijuana-Like Chemicals Suppress Pain (ScienceDaily)

ScienceDaily (Oct. 12, 2011) — New findings about how the brain functions to suppress pain have been published in the journal Pain, by NUI Galway researchers.

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