Marijuana Laws Would Ban Employers From Firing Medical Users, Loosen Penalties For Growing (

By Dennis Romero on January 25 2011
 ​You, the people, are in favor of laws that make it easier for medical pot users to keep their jobs and that make growing weed a possible misdemeanor.

California Supreme Court And Marijuana: High Court To Consider Pot Dispensaries (Huffington Post)

1/19/12 By Paul Elias
SAN FRANCISCO -- The state's high court will attempt to clarify marijuana's hazy legal status in California.

Medical marijuana does not harm lung function (

January 12, 2012 by Karen Boruff 

Newt Gingrich's Foolish Response on Hemp

Guess Newt Gingrich forgot about marijuana's American history...

Attorney general issues letter to lawmakers on medical marijuana (The Bay Area Reporter)

By Dan Aiello on 12/29/11 
Just a week after Assemblyman Tom Ammiano met with the U.S. attorney's office to discuss federal raids on California's medical marijuana dispensaries and growers, California's attorney general has issued a letter to the state's top lawmakers warning that attempts to pass statewide regulation of marijuana must not impede upon the will of the people or further provoke the wrath of the federal government.

Could Medical Marijuana Reduce Patients' Need for Opioid Painkillers? (Time)

By Maia Svalavitz on December 12, 2011
 A small, new study backs a long-standing claim of advocates of medical marijuana: pain patients can safely use cannabis while taking opioid painkillers, and may actually need fewer pills because of it.

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