Losing weight with cannabis!

Most people think that because of the munchies, that cannabis causes weight gain and would be anything but helpful for those who are trying lose weight. It turns out the opposite might be true! A recent study from the American Journal of Epidemiology found that rates of obesity are about 1/3 lower among regular cannabis users than non-cannabis users. [http://aje.oxfordjournals.org/content/early/2011/08/24/aje.kwr200.abstract]


Colorado's Marijuana Legalization Initiative Will Appear On November 2012 Ballot (HuffPo)

By Kristen Wyatt on 2/27/12
 DENVER — Colorado voters will decide this fall whether to legalize marijuana for recreational use when the state becomes the second in the nation to put such a proposal on ballots this year.

Medical marijuana supporters gather signatures to create new state agency to regulate medical marijuana (News10.net)

Feb 16 2012 
SACRAMENTO, CA - Medical marijuana supporters hold weekly vigils in front of federal buildings throughout California to protest the Obama Administration's recent raids on dispensaries.

2 Arizona doctors disciplined for medical pot (AZ Republic)

 State medical boards have disciplined two doctors who improperly recommended medical marijuana to hundreds of patients.

San Francisco medical marijuana licensing program resumes (SF Examiner)

By Chris Roberts on 1/31/12
 San Francisco's medical cannabis dispensary program resumed licensing and inspecting medical marijuana collectives, Department of Public Health officials announced Monday. The move comes after the agency said last week that the application process was suspended.

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