Marijuana Legalization Initiatives Not Changing Federal Government's Position On Pot, by Alex Dobuzinskis (Reuters)

Marijuana Legaliztion Initiatives Not Changing Federal Government's Position On Pot
By Alex Dobuzinskis, Reuters

Medical Marijuana Tax Revolt Brewing by Chris Roberts, SF Weekly, 10/6/12

Medical Marijuana Tax Revolt Brewing, by Chris Roberts

Cannabis Oil Is a Highly Efficient Natural Cancer Cure (Natural News, 9/28/12)

 Ever since the mid 70s, medical scientists have been well aware of the beneficial effects of cannabinoid compounds over cancerous cells. Thanks to modern science, over a dozen studies conducted during recent years have been able to partially reveal just how it works. Yet cannabis is still not endorsed by pharmaceutical companies as a cancer cure, and since it is not promoted through mainstream channels, very few people are aware of its benefits.

Berkeley Patients Group Reopening!

By the AP on 8/29/12
BERKELEY, Calif. (AP) — A Berkeley medical marijuana dispensary forced to shut down by the federal government in May is reopening down the street.

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